1. Magic valve system which is block odor and pest from drain

Ecoway invented special device to block odor from drain. So that it does not occur any uncomfortable to use without water and power.

Special silicon inside device automatically opened and closed by water of tension. It means that odor and pest cannot come up from drain after urinating.

  1. Unique design
Unique design that takes advantage of the elegant curvature with the motif of clouds and jar. Also this design is for minimize splash of urine.
  1. Hydropilic coating
We applied nano-hydrophilic coating technology for hygiene and water conservation

All remaining urine are washed away by using small amount
of water since Ecoway urinal applies nano-hydrophilic coating technology

<Product Info>
Model EU-01
Width 385 mm
Weight 2.3kg
High 710 mm
Depth 350 mm
Color White
Material PMMA
(Poly Methyl Methacrylate)