It compensates for the shortcomings of existing roof materials and other roof materials and is in the spotlight around the world for its long life, beautiful beauty, super-strong durability, construction simplicity, nature-friendly roof materials, and simple reconstruction.

It is a world-class roof system with ultra-lightweight, long lifespan, beautiful color, excellent economic feasibility, and elegant design. The characteristics of the product are designed and designed to withstand extreme climatic environments such as cold weather, hot weather, storms, and heavy rain.  In particular, it boasts excellent corrosion resistance as it consists of a three-stage main steel sheet layer and a six-stage protective coating layer. Galvalume, which forms the core of the metal group, boasts excellent corrosion resistance.
Surface coating was performed for better corrosion resistance than both sides of "Galvalume", and acrylic coating was added to increase corrosion resistance and durability. The stone chip coating added on the acrylic coating increased aesthetics along with durability, and finally, acrylic coating was added on the stone chip coating to increase the product's completeness of the product.