1. Classification according to the material of the indoor visit Membrane door / ABS door

2. Classification according to the installation type of the indoor door  Swing door / Single pair unidirectional sliding door / Single two-way sliding door Double-sided one-way sliding door / Double-sided two-way sliding door
   Sliding door / Lower rail type sliding door / 3 interlocking sliding door
   Upper hanger rail sliding door / upper hanger rail pocket door

3. Door construction early colorectal, not the door (Easy door) 'function of

1) – When installing a hinged door, it is necessary to dig a ledge groove on the side of the door to construct the door handle. The recent trend is to fix the door installation base and use a trimmer. However, as in the door classification above, the thickness of the door is 36mm for the membrane door and about 35mm for the ABS door. Therefore, when trimming with the existing door construction machine, the ledge does not come to the center of the door, so the movement of the ledge is smooth. In some cases, the door does not open because of not doing so. In order to eliminate this inconvenience, fine adjustment is possible according to the thickness of the door in 'Easy door', so that the ledge is always at the center of the door. function has been established.

2) – When closing a hinged door, it is necessary to have a ledge catcher in the door frame as a function to hold the ledge of the door. In order to eliminate this inconvenience, ' Easy door' has added an adjustment function that allows fine adjustment according to the size of the ledge catcher or the attachment position of the ledge catcher to make the construction more aesthetically pleasing.

3) – For the safety of children in sliding doors, the building law has recently been amended to make it mandatory to prevent pinching. Yiettara ㈜ lice-door 'mamseu hinge system (Momms hinge system)' hand-pinch protection device for production and sales in the industry has made this possible feature trimmings to more easily do this, to dig a 16mm groove of the door top and bottom, and functions It has the advantage of being easy to use even when attaching accessories with various functions used in the door.

4) when the trimming of the functions listed above, and is commonplace when a disturbance to the trimming due to the accumulation of by-products in the door construction early colorectal, since such Busan backlog waters but can result in the release, "Easy door (Easy door) in In order to eliminate this inconvenience, a space for discharging by-products is formed to enable cleaner work.