Product Introduction (Eden Bio Natural Wallpaper)


♣ Common Information about Natural Wallpaper ♣

All natural wallpapers of Eden Bio use green timber powder of domestic coniferous tree and loess Illite as a basic material. Different from general wallpapers manufactured by chemical materials, our products do not discharge strong cancer-causing formaldehyde and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) which also cause a sick house syndrome. Rather, they abundantly discharge far infrared radiation, anion, and Phytoncide (natural antibacterial forest bath substance) that affect the human body beneficially. 


Various natural materials that compose natural wallpaper have their functionalities. So that, they demonstrate a function to remove the toxicity of cement and the hazardous substances out of furniture and paint as well as an antibacterial effect against general bacteria, a function to remove bad odor in the house, a discharge of far infrared radiation, an effect of aroma therapy with natural scent, a blocking of electronic wave, an effect of humidity control, and a suppression over the appearance of house tick. These materials present a strong improving effect on environmental diseases and prevent from their regeneration such as atopic skin infection, chronic rhinitis, asthma, chronic headache, insomnia, and dried eyes from which contemporary people usually suffer who live indoor surrounded by chemical materials for a long period of time.


Our products are also safe from damage by environmental hormone that is discharged from various PVC products. As our products can delay flames at fire and do not discharge hazardous dioxin gas at all, they are natural healthy wallpaper that minimizes the secondary damage.


Natural wallpaper is a product for the exemption according to the Article 20 of the Law regarding the Installation & Maintenance, Safety & Management of Fire Prevention Facilities. It is the best choice for multiple purpose facility which requires a mandatory construction with fire resistance wallpaper.



- Report of Official Certification Test for Natural Wallpaper -



(Natural wallpaper has been officially certified for the following functions that do not exist in general wallpapers.)


1.         Deodorization function: 89.7% (Korea Conformity Lab-Absorption & deodorization of toxic cement, paint)

2.         Antibacterial function: 99.9% (Korea Conformity Lab - staphylococcus, etc.)

3.         Bio far infrared radiation discharge function: above 93.1% (Korea Far-Infrared Association)

4.         Formaldehyde removal function: above 70% (Korea Testing & Research Institute)

5.         Hazardous substance absorption & decomposition effect: 77.2% (Korea Conformity Lab)

6.         Phytoncide discharge function:  House tick removal rate 95% (Korea Forest Service, Korea Apparel Testing Research Institute)

7.         Indoor humidity control function


1. Top Pine Tree Wallpaper


Top pine tree wallpaper has been manufactured by adding several types of functional inorganic materials including loess illite to green timber powder of coniferous tree. It well matches anywhere indoor for its relatively cheap price and diverse types.

Pine tree is an excellent coniferous tree that discharges large amount of Phytoncide (forest bath substance), which not only has a strong antibacterial effect but also demonstrates the efficacy on neuralgia, robustness ,  gonorrhea, rheumatism, fracture pain, arthritis, stomatitis, cerebral hemorrhage, arteriosclerosis, headache,  edema, insomnia, car sickness, and fatigue recovery , etc.

Illite has been acknowledged for its excellent absorption and deodorization, decomposition of heavy metal and toxic gas, an ability to generate high far-infrared radiation and anion, and abilities of antibacteria and antivirus. It is also able to strengthen the non-specific immunity in animal body but also has shown a curing effect on specific diseases. Studies have been conducted for the characteristic of growth promotion.


2. Mugwort Wallpaper


Mugwort wallpaper has been manufactured by using natural mugwort of good quality growing in our natural land and mixing with multiple types of inorganic materials including green timber powder of pine tree and cypress tree, and loess illite. The scent of mugwort is indeed the best of natural wallpaper with full of spring smell that is familiar to Koreans.

The nature of mugwort is warm such that it is effective for cold sweat hemorrhage, menstrual pain, menstrual disorder, fetal irritability, and abdominal pain. It is especially excellent for pregnant women. The mugwort is also a material for highly excellent natural wallpaper which major components are calcium, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, containing a large amount of vitamin A and C to prevent and cure the diseases of dried skin, respiratory disease, various allergic symptoms, and stomach disorder that appear in spring season.

Especially, mugwort wallpaper well matches with main rooms where mid aged people use or rooms where elderly people use. Its natural color and texture gives a comfortable and warm feeling.


3. Oxygen Wallpaper


The oxygen wallpaper designed suitable for the study room for child or student, has been processed through a surface treatment with pearl powder (pearl oyster shell powder), which not only gives a bright and comfortable mood inside the room in natural harmony of a genuine gentle & elegant color of pearl with the scent of green timber powder of pine tree but also largely helps the emotional stability of youths.

Pearl is soluble in water, which maintains the skin for weak acidity to raise the immunity of skin, resulting in the prevention of skin aging and the effect of moisturizing. With a unique function that promotes blood circulation and cell regeneration, and removes skin spot, its excellent efficacy has been widely known that enhances clear and clean skin through whitening and cleansing of the face.



4. Lavender Wallpaper


It is the highest level healthy wallpaper that has been manufactured by mixing wood powders of cypress tree and various types of functional inorganic materials with lavender that represents the aroma therapy with captivating scent.

Leaves of naturally growing lavender with good quality have been carefully selected for the raw material of wallpaper. The natural scent of lavender and fine color sense will create brighter high-class housing, which feeling cannot be achieved in the scent of artificially manufactured lavender.

Lavender has been known for the various efficacies such as nerve stability, sterilization and insect proof, but also it has a good effect on the relief of headache and insomnia.


5. Wallpaper for Student


The wallpaper for student contains herbs such as the cypress tree that discharges large amount of phytoncide and the mint, betony and sweet flag that clear the head, enhance the memory, and activate brain cells. It is the natural wallpaper that is most suitable for the study room of student and research room. The effect of aroma therapy can be naturally experienced inside the room by the natural essence.

Mint leaves contain 1~1.8% volatile juice which contains volatile menthol, b-pinene , menthone and camphene that cures arthritis, relieves the frostbite, and cures dysentery. In Korean herbal medicine, mint leaves have been widely used for stomachic, carminative, hidrotic, and hemagogue medicines. It has also been known that mint leaves are good for stoke and cholemesis. Especially, a unique scent of full refreshment has an efficacy to clear the head.

If the remedial effect of sweet flag can be summarized in one sentence, it is an expert of brain cleaning. It is a medicinal herb with higher effect to treat amnesia, enhance memory, stabilize mind, and recover fatigue. It has been widely known as an herb that clears the head and makes it intelligent. Betony is a warm Korean herbal medicine with hot taste, which is effective to accelerate the function of digestive system. A study result has proved the fact that it can protect a lot of neuroglial cells that exist in brain cell from oxidation.   


 6. Pine Tree Wallpaper

Pine tree wallpaper, a representative of natural wallpaper, has been manufactured by mixing green timber powder of pine tree with green timber powder of cypress and adding loess illite. Largely reinforcing the content of pine tree and illite, its functionality has been enhanced to improve environmental diseases such as atopic skin infection, rhinitis, asthma, insomnia, headache, and dried eyes of general sick house syndrome.

Pine tree is an excellent coniferous tree that discharges large amount of Phytoncide (forest bath substance), which not only has a strong antibacterial effect but also demonstrates the efficacy on neuralgia, robustness ,  gonorrhea, rheumatism, fracture pain, arthritis, stomatitis, cerebral hemorrhage, arteriosclerosis, headache,  edema, insomnia, car sickness, and fatigue recovery , etc.

Illite has been acknowledged for its excellent absorption and deodorization, decomposition of heavy metal and toxic gas, an ability to generate high far-infrared radiation and anion, and an ability of antibacteria and antivirus. It is also able to strengthen the non-specific immunity in animal body but also has shown a curing effect on specific diseases. Studies have been conducted for the characteristic of growth promotion.

The gentle scent of pine tree wallpaper keeps family’s health and directs more natural and comfortable indoor atmosphere.




7. Forest Bath (Atopeace) Wallpaper Ⅱ

Forest bath (Atopeace) wallpaper has been manufactured by mixing green timber powder of cypress tree of the most excellent discharge of pythoncide with loess illite, which increases the content of materials drastically and maximize its functionality to design the natural healthy wallpaper of the best quality. The gentle and high class scent of pythoncide in cypress tree delivers the feeling and effect to the house as if we are in a forest bath center in a deep forest.

Cypress tree, so called Hinoki or old pine tree, has higher discharge of pythoncide than other coniferous trees such as pine tree and nut pine tree. Its efficacy has been also known as excellent

The strong scent of cypress tree has been known to be effective on sterilization, deodorization, skin care, blood circulation, and cold. It has been well known that the scent shows the same efficacy as the forest bath to promote blood circulation and metabolism and has a mysterious efficacy on fatigue recovery and healthy long life. In fact, study materials presented by The Korea Forest Service support it.

The scent of cypress tree which is also highly valuable for timber material is absorbed in human body through skin for excellent health as it is even used to make a bath by enhancing its efficacy. It has been proved through many successful cases that, when the cypress tree is used to make wallpapers for the construction of indoor ceiling and wall, it shows a great effect not only on the prevention and improvement of sick house syndrome but also with its functionality of pythoncide, on the improvement of atopic disease that has been a big social issue.   .


8. Nature Wallpaper


The surface of nature wallpaper has been processed by adding pearl to green timber powder of pine tree and loess illite, which boasts of diverse color and beautiful elegant texture.

This nature wallpaper has all merits of natural wallpaper designed for cheap price and developed for easy construction without any burden.



9. Nature Mural Wallpaper

The eco-friendliness of nature mural wallpaper has been strengthened by printing vegetable pigment on the natural wallpaper of cypress material. It is the unique nature mural wallpaper in the world that can demonstrate a high class interior efficacy when it is used for the construction of point purpose anywhere in living room, main room, kitchen, console, etc.

The image of mural (wallpaper picture) that has been applied to designs has a characteristic of highlighting the artistic value by improving cool, lyrical and contemporary sense by strictly selecting works of high level artists in Korea. It is the advanced natural wallpaper that has engrafted the high level design and the beauty of color to the eco-friendly functionality of existing natural wallpaper. It will satisfy both elements of physical health and emotional stability of family.


10. Green Wallpaper


Green wallpaper is the natural wallpaper for point purpose that has been developed to realize eco-friendly interior by engrafting classical designs to the natural material of clear beautiful and natural color in the material itself such as pine tree of excellent pythoncide discharge, juniper chip, and green tea.

It can be used for the dignified luxurious point wallpaper with cheap price. It shows an effect of high class interior in diverse spaces.


11. Green Tea Wallpaper

Green tea wallpaper has been manufactured by pure green tea of excellent quality. So that, it contains a natural beautiful color and gentle scent of green tea to create a more special and high quality interior space of the house which gives a feeling as if we are in the middle of green tea field.

In general, green tea has been well known for its diverse efficacy. Catechins of acerbic taste in green tea have an outstanding medicinal efficacy. The representative efficacy includes a function of suppressing arteriosclerosis, cardiac disease and a function of anti-cancer drugs. It also includes the effects of preventing high blood pressure or diabetes and of sterilization. With effects for a diet and a fine skin, it reduces the active oxygen that causes aging and relieves hangover. It has an effect to comprehensively suppress obesity with ease by promoting the metabolism of sugar and fat that are the cause of obesity and diabetes and helping the digestion of calories to decompose useless cholesterol. When this green tea wallpaper is used for wallpaper, it will satisfy both health and interior effect at the same time.


12. Juniper Wallpaper


The functionality of juniper wallpaper has been strengthened by adding loess illite to green timber powder of excellent coniferous juniper tree that discharges much pythoncide with original scent. The color of material itself gives very beautiful and unique feeling.

Juniper tree can be diversely used for timber, spice, ornamental tree, and medicine. It is a precious tree that has been used for the spice in ritual and funeral for a long time. It has been used for furniture materials that compose the inside of jewel box or closet. Its efficacy of sterilization and insecticide by the scent in the material prevents the appearance of tiny bug like moth. Juniper wallpaper contains the wisdom of ancestors who considered the aspect of public health.


13. Loess & Silver Flooring

Loess & silver flooring is the paper flooring that has been manufactured by using specially treated pulp. As

it contains loess illite and nano-silver, it has an excellent antibacterial and sterilization effect.

Nano-silver house appliances or building interior materials (flooring) have been made by combining the nano poly technology, the polymer synthesis and process technology, with the antibacterial function of silver. They have the characteristic of strengthening the function of health and hygiene by adding fine silver particles to the major part of the product for strong antibacterial function, antifungal function, deodorization, and ion discharge. It prevents large amount of formaldehyde detected from PVC flooring or wooden floor material (flooring product), or of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). When it is used with natural wallpaper, it will show an excellent efficacy for the improvement in skin disease or respiratory system disease such as atopic skin infection or rhinitis, asthma, etc.

Nontoxic varnish for surface treatment is added with polyurethane to be used for finishing material of loess & silver flooring that forms a strong film. It is a very safe product that does not cause any toxicity or foul smell at painting. It is the best quality eco-friendly product, which has satisfied RAL-UZ21A, the strictest environmental standard of The Ministry of Environment in Germany and acquired the environment mark “The Blue Angel” but also acquired the toy certification in Europe of the highest authority.


14. Eco Friendly-Paste

The Eden eco-friendly paste for papering natural wallpaper is a pure vegetable paste with flour and starch, which uses a raw material that has been made to powder out of the endosperm part of wheat and a starch extracted from potato tuber.

Illite is added to this to improve absorption, deodorization and decomposition of heavy metal and toxic gas. It is a safe paste that shows the function of emission of far infrared radiation, and the functions of antibacteria and antivirus without hazardous components like formaldehyde generated in chemical glues. It will give enough adhesive strength for papering natural wallpaper of well developed pores.

10kg / Box = Papering 20~25 pyeong (first papering included)


※ Precaution

Mugwort wallpaper, lavender wallpaper, student wallpaper, and green tea wallpaper have a common point of using material by grinding plants’ leaves.

These wallpapers are very excellent for the materials of natural wallpaper. Their functionality is also higher and they show the best characteristic of natural wallpaper. On the other hand, a special precaution is required at its application.

If a joint part of wallpaper is rubbed strongly with roller or filler for papering, the component of leaves may come out to the joint part that results in the appearance of a joint line. If the edge of wallpaper is constructed with water, the color of leaves may smear on the surface to look as if the color has been changed. So that, a precaution is required to prevent the claim by reminding interior store owner or paperhanger clearly.