Smart Aircok product is an air quality measuring device which provides nine different air quality indices with eight sensors.
Mounted sensors can measure nine indices which are - PM2.5(Super Particulate matter), PM10(Particulate matter), CO2(Carbon dioxide), VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds), HCHO(Formaldehyde), CO(Carbon Monoxide)-
Smart Aircok device is 190mmx130mmx30mm size and it weights 270g.
Power uses 12V 200mA and Data measurement interval takes one minute.
Its flow rate are 0.1L/min/Natural convection and it has three types -LTE/ETHERNET/WIFI.
Smart Aircok device can endure temperatures from -10°C to 50°C and it saves data with one-minute data saving interval.
Also, We do provide monitoring services with our own monitoring platform.
On our air quality monitoring platform, the outside air quality provided by the Ministry of the Environment is displayed as the nationwide outside air quality measurement value closest to the equipment of the National Fine Dust Information Center. Information on air quality is also provided.
smart aircok's monitoring platform can display the fine dust prediction system and the air conditioning system linkage by IOT, creates a report to the administrator, and observes the change in air quality.