What kind of product is it?

Let me introduce 'Home Drain' which has a simple design that allows you to finish the bathroom interior can be finished.

This product, which can be finished with a stainless steel cover, can be applied to bathrooms or balcony drains ( oil prices), has a luxurious style compared to existing drains, and is designed to filter foreign substances such as hair. You can choose the cover color from four colors: gold, silver, black, and white.

In addition, the cover is designed with a dry odor-blocking trap, which is not a beacon method, which is characterized by the fact that the used water does not collect inside. In addition, when using water, it is automatically switched and discharged, with a flow rate of more than 60 liters per minute, which is more than the drain of the washing machine. Of course, cleaning and maintenance are easy and there is no breakdown.

The cover size is 150*150, and the pipe size can be from 50mm to 120mm in internal diameter.