Introducing the hot water panel of the suspicious heating.
Our hot water panel is made of EPP board with grooves. It is heat-resistant enough to not melt even at 220 degrees, harmless to the human body, and eco-friendly material that can be recycled. In addition, it has excellent cushioning function that can withstand heavy weight and withstand repeated shocks well.
The heating hose is inserted at intervals between these EPP board grooves, which is designed for more efficient heating. When connecting to an electric boiler, a special rubber hose called EPDM is inserted and used. When connecting to an oil or gas boiler, it is connected to a white PERT hose. The fact that it can be used for all kinds of boilers is also an advantage.
In addition, the chicken foot support, a patented product for suspicious heating, is a support that supports the board, and it can firmly support the weight without breaking the floor even under a heavy load. You can fix the EPP board and the floor of the room without using a bond by turning it upside down and driving a piece to the floor.